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Thread: Don't Shop Amazon While Drunk

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    I actually would buy the cereal marshmallows. They're the best part of Lucky Charms ... I eat around them and save them for last. Maybe just not 8 freaking pounds of it!

    The straight guy buying an eggplant vibrator is hysterical. And I'm actually in love with the cathouse. I don't have cats though ... maybe I could find a mini dog version? Lol

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    Oh my goodness these are sooo awesome.

    Top Hat Toad doesn't look very impressed, maybe a Beret is more his/her style

    Apart from Top Hat Toad, all the other pets seem pretty happy/mildly amused with their new gifts.. haha.

    Also i sincerely hope that the all the 'drunk ordered' pets are loved and looked after

    The fact that a 'Sloth with Money' shower curtain has been manufactured, made me question "Why?".. but then i thought "Hey, why not?"

    And what an awesome dude the Domino's Delivery guy is .

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    drunkMall | Genius Gadgets, Weird Products and Easy Gifts

    Not even drunk but I would buy some things from here.

    They've got your bag of cereal marshmallows Nevan

    My faves:

    This butter dispenser

    Crochet cat butthole coasters

    Cat 'scratcher'

    Kardashian 'centipede' shirt

    Vincent Van Gogh action figure. I want this for my desk!
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    I wonder if some of these are actually sober impulse purchases, but the buyers were kind of embarrassed to admit it and claimed they were drunk purchases, lol!

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