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Thread: Cheater faces public humiliation: Tyson's Corner, VA

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    or is it like a murder victim left in a car to die.... I find it fascinating myself that men who cheat are held to a higher standard than politicians who kill... hell, he's got the cheating down, he's got the sheepish apologies, he should just go into politics....
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    I heard on the radio the other day (I listen to Kane as well) that this was a test that he did to see if the media would do their homework or just take the story and run with it, and run with it they did. Apparently the "cheater" is an intern with the station.

    Here's a link:
    Cheating Husband Story A Hoax

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    ^ Hahaha yeah I forgot to post that! It was a social experiment because the media coverage was all Ted Kennedy...
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    This is awesome and I looove this mall so much!

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