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Thread: Another hilariously inappropriate Burger King ad

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    I read something on Gawker about Burger King's ad strategy. Basically, they hired this really creative, dynamic ad agency who produced all these clever, attention grabbing ads and gimmicks (sponge-bob + sir mixalot, and anyone remember the subservient chicken?). They've even won lots of awards within the advertising world for their innovative campaigns, but none of it has any effect on sales. McDonalds, of course, still dominates even with their lameass "I'm Lovin' It" tag-lined, pseudo urban/hip-hop commercials. The conclusion was that for all its awards, cleverness and edginess, the kicker is that the BK campaign is actually a big failure.

    Gawker - World's Cleverest Ad Campaign Is Big Failure - Marketing

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    I love it! It's so 80's! Everything turned so PC in the last 20 years. Keep 'em coming BK!
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