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Thread: My Little Pony movie characters

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    Default My Little Pony movie characters

    No, this isn't Sarah Jessica Parker as The Joker in the next Batman movie, it's the mini creature that will crash my dreams tonight and turn them into a nightmare.
    Artist Mari Kasurinen took My Little Pony and transformed her horsey ass into classic movie characters. It's pretty amazing that Mari made a creepy thing even fucking creepier. There's no way I could shut my eyes with one of those things in my apartment. Even if I threw it in the trash and put a brick over the garbage can, it would find a way out. Those twinkly eyes say "I will eat your face tonight" and that slimy grin adds "And I'll like it."
    The My Little Edward Scissorhands has to be illegal in most states. It has knives instead of hooves!
    And I'd totally hit My Little Jack Sparrow. WELL, I'd hit Johnny Depp anything!

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    Well somebody has a good imagination lol I want one these are cool as hell wonder if my girls would mind if I did this to their pony's hehehe
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