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Thread: Free Sex with a Fill Up

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    Default Free Sex with a Fill Up

    A gas station owner tries to boost sales that are down from the high price of gas. So he posts a sign at the station that reads "Free sex with fill up"
    Two rednecks pull up, fill the tank to the top & go inside to inquire about the free sex.
    The man, a redneck, just like the two guys tells them to pick a number between 1 and 10. So one of the redneck guesses 8.
    The owner says "No that's not it but you were close it was 9, please come back and try again."
    As the two men walk out the one turns to the other and says, "I bet that game is rigged. He always says another number that's close."
    Then the other guy say's, "Well I don't know about that my wife won that game twice last week."

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    Default Re: Free Sex with a Fill Up

    Sounds like some of the upstanding characters I deal with around here!!

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