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    She opted out of the conversation because was scared. She does this everytime that i talk about the end times, or Jesus coming back. What does this mean do you think?
    Maybe she is coming under conviction from your witness.
    WTF does that even mean? I don't speak crazy

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    Doesnt sound like she was under conviction. Wow, that is a crazy site, how do people find thoses forums? Never going back there
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    Crazy! Why are they so anti-Obama?? Turn his photo around? Did they also worship photos of Bush?

    I think I'm kind of a bitch because I just laughed when I saw that the guy was putting just 1% into his 401k. Why would you do that??? It's like getting free money from your company when they match your contribution. That guy will be working until he's 80 because he never planned for retirement.

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    ^From what I understand, some hard core fundies believe that Obama is the anti-christ. Weird, I know. I don't understand why they feel that way. Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?
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    Is there some other reason besides him being black? I am curious..I don't get it.

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