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Thread: Video guide to successful seduction

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    Default Video guide to successful seduction


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    "Hello, my name is Farley."

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    Thank God I watched that...I had NO CLUE about seduction and now I know I can go out into the world, confident and fuckable!!
    I'm not quite drunk enough to really care, but is this her violation of her violation of her violation of her violation of probation or her violation of her violation of her violation of her probation????? ~MontanaMama on LL's latest arrest.

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    "I think what makes a man sexy is a mustache"

    lmao what an awesome video! Poor Farley! And that chick at the end is some dancer lol she's got that whole 80's wiggle down pat. I wonder if her name is Honey Horney
    I smile because I have no idea what's going on

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