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Thread: You can has lolcats- Craigslist Best Of

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    Default You can has lolcats- Craigslist Best Of

    You can has LOLcats. (Pending pick up)

    Date: 2008-12-13, 4:41AM CST

    One of my neighbors has approximately thirty near-feral outdoor cats. I've learned to live with them crapping in my yard, pestering my dogs, and generally being a nuisance. One of them decided to up the ante and birthed her kittens in my attic, by accessing it through a series of small holes.

    On a particularly bad evening, my roommate, sister, and I spent three hours cajoling, feeding, and calling to a very loud and lonely kitten. We grabbed him and whisked him away to a land of Not My Attic. Since we're nerdy and made partially from the internet, we promptly named him Ceiling Cat.

    Ceiling Cat, pictured here, hates me.

    That weekend (Thanksgiving weekend, I was 500 miles away but heard of the incident in texts and frantic phone calls), another kitten fell from the attic support beams and into the walls of the house. My landlord, ever loving and sane, nixed our idea to saw through the walls. Putting their heads together, the roommates managed to find access to the kitten through the basement. Now, we have Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat.

    This is a crappy cell phone picture. Basement Cat is the black one. S/he has little white paws and a white chest.

    I am a dog person. Above all, I will always be a dog person. However, I will no allow a helpless dog, cat, parakeet, or raccoon to die in my house when I can prevent it. These kittens had been abandoned by their mother. They were starving and lonely and cold and scared.

    They're in my bathroom now. They eat and I hang out with them and they are slowly warming to me. I haven't been able to touch them yet, but they've come close to sniff me.

    These kittens need a new home. I have a rescue dog, and permanent dogs. My roommates have a cat who hates kittens. I don't have time to tame near-feral kittens.

    This is where you come in. Maybe you live in the country and need a cat for your barn. Maybe you like taming feral kittens. Maybe you're just a nerd like me who is intrigued by the idea of having cats named Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat.

    Aside from being impossibly cute, absolutely precious in fact, these kittens are litter trained. Yeah, I can't believe it either. They poop and pee right where they're supposed to. So, that part's sorted. The only thing you'll need to do is make them love you.

    I live in East Nashville, but I like car rides so I can come to you. These little guys haven't had any vet care. I'd like to ask for a $20 adoption fee to weed out jerks, and that $20 will go straight to the Humane Society, or another charity of your choice. If you represent an animal shelter, there wouldn't be a fee.

    Come on, get a LOLcat. I hear they're all the rage this year. LOLCats are the new black, or something.

    Ah, the last part, I don't check craigslist very often, so don't reply here. Reply to my email address instead, as I check that compulsively.

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    best of craigslist : You can has LOLcats. (Pending pick up)

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

    Fuck you all, I'm going viral.

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    Cute! Bet they are gone by now!
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    Those are sweet fluffy kittens. I love the idea of calling them ceiling cat and basement cat

    I'm surprised they don't call somebody about the neighbour's cat addiction.....30 cats popping out kittues everywhere and then abandoning them?? That's not fair really.

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    Hello! I'm the author of the craigslist post. The kittehs did find homes soon after I made the listing. First, they went to a rescue for feral cats, then they found their forever homes soon after.

    We have called about the neighbor's million cats. Unfortunately, since they stay outside they're not considered a health hazard, and Animal Control will only pick up cats if they are biting people. As a neighborhood, we've begun to trap the cats, have them spayed and/or neutered, and releasing them. So, the population will fade over time. It's not fair or cool, trust me, but it's the best solution we've come up with.

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    Hi, sarabellum. Thanks for coming here and letting everyone know of the kittehs' fate. That's awesome that they went to good homes.

    Sorry you don't have any other options for dealing with all those cats! You must have a lot of nice (or possibly just desperate?) neighbors to all pitch in to get the situation in hand. That's crazy you don't have any other options!
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    Welcome Sarah.

    I'm so glad the kitties found good homes, and that's a shame that animal control won't help you out anymore.
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    Hi Sarah!! Good for you for taking matters into your own hands. I too have done the old trap/spay-neuter/release trick. If the owner is too stupid to do it, thank you for getting it done!!

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    Hi Sarabellum! Welcome to the board and thanks for the update. It's so great to see that people who care about critters still exist.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Hi Sarah, glad you managed to find the kitties a new home! They're super cute but I can imagine how wild they were. Your Craigslist post was too funny
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