I'm not anti-blonde. Really.

Three silly blondes, who thought they could jump across the
Grand Canyon, all fall to their deaths and float up to the gates
of Heaven, where St. Peter awaits.

"I see you ladies have passed on," he says, "but you can not
go to Heaven without answering a question about the Bible.
You must answer correctly ... or else."

The blondes are very, very nervous.

"You -- girl #1," he intones, "what is Easter?"

"Easter?" she repeats, baffled. "Easter--wait, it's about Moses,
isn't it?"

"NO!" thunders St. Peter, and -POOF- the girl disappears.

He turns to girl #2, who is shaking in her...sandals.
"You...what is Easter?"

Blonde #2 stops, thinks, asks, "isn't it something about...Zeus or

"No!" Another puff of smoke, and she's gone.

St. Peter sees that girl #3 is really, really smug. She has a confident grin
on her face.

"Blonde woman, what is Easter?"

"Easter is the holiday, happening anywhere from mid-March to mid-
April, every year, wherein Christians commemorate the crucifixion,
burial and resurrection of the Lord..."

St. Peter is relieved. But, just as he turns to unlock the gate,
the blonde says too much:

"...and if Jesus comes out of the tomb every year and sees his
shadow, we get six more weeks of winter!"