If you were participating in write a novel in a month on the National Novel Writing Month ending Nov 30, you might have stumbled upon this hilarious thread. I have been just rolling with laughter at some of these character's letters to their authors!
Dear Author, (Letters from your Characters) | National Novel Writing Month

For example:
Dear Author,

I really wish you'd stop killing everyone who hasn't betrayed me. Especially my surrogate family and love interest. Also, your descriptions of the air ship are terrible - me and the smugglers read them to each other at night to make each other laugh. Although the accompanying dialog sometimes sends us into miniature alcoholic episodes of depression. Oh wait, did I say smugglers? They're all dead. And I know that you're planning on killing the next person who is nice to me.

Stupid jerk.


P.S. Nobody takes me seriously with a name like Stormy Weather.

Dear Author,

I would appreciate entering the story soon. I think Stormy needs my help.