What I especially like are the comments:

5 out of 5 stars This Bologna Aint No Joke, January 11, 2006

Reviewer: mutombo (louisiana) - See all my reviews
ok lemme start out with some background info on myself. I am a 42 year old pigmy living in louisiana, and have 4 illegitimate children by three different women, and this amounts to allot of money in support payments. I recently hired a lawyer to work out my payments with my ex-lovers. The deal that was reached is i have to feed all my kids and nothing more, their mothers pay for their clothes and everything else. This agreement allowed me to save a whole bunch of money because i recently just had 250 packages of this delicious bologna sent to my house. It has 20 slices per package and i told their mothers to cut up a slice into three pieces, one for each meal. Seeing as each package will feed one of my kids for 20 days i have already had enough money to start up an expensive meth habit that has made my life full again. I no longer feel lost in life. Once again i have a purpose in life. havent just been givin the bologna away though, i have been enjoying it also. Since i have been eatin this stuff my ghonorrea has cleared up, and my eyesight is much better now too. Thank you amazon and oscar maier, you have saved my life. Now I have to go to U P S to send out my monthly shipments of bologna to my kids. Now if i could re-up on metamphetamine i would be set.
or for the variety pack off this link:
2 out of 5 stars Two ounces of meat, eight ounces of mystery, June 6, 2005

Reviewer: Kirk Davis (Oslo) - See all my reviews

Yesterday I made a sandwich using a slice of each of the meats from the "Variety Pack Salami, Bologna & Ham Cold Cuts." When I bit into the sandwich, it squealed. I think it was an air bubble or something. Also when I leave this meat in the sun too long it squeals. I have not had this problem from similar products bought at my local Albertson's, only with that purchased through Amazon.

I have found the squealing meat to be pretty gross but also kind of interesting. You might say I'm of a split mind.

Also, I would not recommend this item for children.