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Thread: Magic mirror on the wall...

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    Default Magic mirror on the wall...

    Shrek, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were all having lunch together.

    Shrek announced, 'I have always thought that I'm the strongest man
    in the world, but how can I be sure that I am?'

    Brad Pitt piped up, 'I'm pretty sure I'm the sexiest man alive, but I've
    never had it confirmed.'

    Angelina Jolie agreed. 'I'm told I'm the most gorgeous of them all,
    but sometimes I wonder.'

    They all decided that the best way to find out if their beliefs were
    true was to ask the famed talking 'mirror, mirror on the wall' to
    confirm for them whether Shrek was the strongest, Angelina Jolie was
    the most gorgeous and Brad Pitt was the sexiest.

    They agreed to meet again the next day for lunch to discuss their findings.

    The next day Shrek walked up with a smile. 'Well, it's true. The
    mirror told me that I am the strongest man in the world.'

    Brad Pitt perked up and said: 'And I know for sure that I'm the
    sexiest man of all.'

    But Angelina Jolie lifted her sad, sad face and asked plaintively…





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    .. i dont get it.

    Oh wait. I had to scroll up.

    Now I get it.

    Very drole.
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    I'm dumb. I don't get it.
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    that was cute!

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