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    So what pilot would you pitch if you had a friend in network TV??

    I had a great idea for a show about a bi polar detective. He never solves a case because he can't get motivated. Dialogue might be something like:

    Client: Hey Assh*, I paid you, why aren't you working on my case?

    Detective: Well I just don't feel like it - sue me.

    The hook is that the show would be the first PI drama without car chases.

    I'd call it "Mannix-depression"


    Then again that has been done, though with the car chases.


    Client: Hey Rockford, I'm paying you to work on my case, and here you are sittin' around in a jail cell. I want my money back!

    Rockford: I had to use the money to bail myself out - tough luck!

    It still had plenty of passive-aggressive sarcasm. I loved that show.
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