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Thread: Hey boozers, this convention is for you!

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    Default Hey boozers, this convention is for you!

    The 4th Annual Modern Drunkard Convention

    When: Labor Day Weekend August 29-31 2008.
    Where: Three Kings, Denver, CO.
    What to Expect: The tribe uniting. The elite inebriates finding each other. The best and the booziest. Ever go to a bar and wish there were some real goddamn boozers on board? Well, there are for three solid days of heavy drinking and full-bore entertainment including:
    Bands (TBA) Rest assured they will be of the hard-drinking variety.

    Burlesque Scantily-clad women, old-school style.

    Soused Seminars Booze-related knowledge you can absorb at your leisure.
    Drunkard Dating Game Romantic hangover brunch at a filthy dive bar with open tab for the lucky winners.
    1st Annual Modern Drunkard Short Film Fest
    The 20 Pint Gauntlet Open to all takers; your beers are free if you finish within 8 hours.
    Propaganda Speeches By people who are, quite frankly, way too drunk to be standing, never mind operating a microphone.
    Panel Discussion All your questions will be slurred at.
    Drunkard Tattoos Available on site.
    Drunk Poetry Extravaganza Your chance to rhyme and shine.

    Will conduct at least one marriage ceremony.

    The Legendary Mojo Nixon Will be on hand to cover the event for his radio show.
    Booze Tastings
    Heavy Drinking
    And much more
    How much: Convention passes are $49. In addition to three days of gala entertainment, the pass also entitles you to free gear, including:

    Limited Edition Modern Drunkard Convention T-Shirt

    17"X24" Convention Poster
    Day passes will also be available for $20, but they do not entitle you to the convention T-shirt and poster.
    You will receive your t-shirt and poster at the Registration Table.
    Get your pass here.
    Note: You must be 21 years old or over to attend the convention

    Modern Drunkard Magazine Convention
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    Sheeeeeit...Why was I not notified of this fabulous event before??

    *books trip to convention*

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    I like booze!
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial View Post
    I also choose to believe the rumors because I am, when it is all said and done, a dirty gossip.

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    *sigh* I miss living in Denver! I would be so there and ready to get my drink on.
    ><((((>. . `.><((((>><((((>`..`...><((((>.`.. ><((((> `..`...><((((>

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    I will be holding my own Convention this weekend.

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