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Thread: Life Long Disappointment Blog

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    Default Life Long Disappointment Blog

    A blog of entries by random readers about their bosses, coworkers, etc. E.g.:

    About Scrooge, my boss
    Merry Christmas.

    Thanks for not letting us have a christmas lunch.

    Cheers for stealing all the prezzies the suppliers have given us.

    Ta for not letting us go early even though everyone else has.

    Thought this was the season of good will you fucking grinch.
    About Pat, my colleague

    Your aching joints are not caused by poor genetics, rheumatism or the cold weather. It’s to do with the fact you’re an unbelievably fat c#nt. So stop espousing the virtues of the new space age mattress you bought. 800 quid on a fancy mattress or avoid the chocolates and you plump (literally) for the former. Fat and stupid. Tough break.

    Oh, and when you had a panic attack before because somebody borrowed your calculator, nobody found it endearingly eccentric. If I can speak for the rest of the staff, everyone thought you’re a petty juggernaut of spite.

    I can hear the blood whistling through your fuzzy arteries from here. Because, in case I haven’t mentioned this, you’re unfeasibly enormous.

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    Default Re: Life Long Disappointment Blog

    Holy shit that is some funny reading on that site! I had to save it in my favorites!

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    Default Re: Life Long Disappointment Blog

    My absolute favorite..

    It's a cat, OK? It's not your child. I know you have no kids and are far too old now to have any; I know (because you told me and I'm considering hypnotherapy to make myself forget) that when you were of childbearing age you couldn't have kids due to "medical problems" (such as looking like Bernard Bresslaw in drag). But that's a cat, ok? And the pictures of it you keep on your computer? It's not "looking pleased with himself because he just won the cat show" you endlessly sad woman. IT'S-A-CAT.

    Stop joining in conversations about people's children by telling them what your cat did last night.

    Stop decorating your workstation with cat calendars, cat pictures and little model cats.

    Stop ostentatiously reading your stupid fucking cat magazines while you're having lunch and especially stop loudly disagreeing with the columns in them. Nobody else gives even the remotest ghost of a shrew's shit about the magazine's opinions or yours.

    In a few years, Lesley, your neighbours will have to break into your house, unable to ignore the smell any more, and they'll find your decayed remains from where you have died, unloved and alone except for the cats which will have feasted on your putrefying carcass and defecated in your hair. That's if whatever foul medical abnormality you suffer which has already bloated your ankles up to softball-sized balloons hasn't carried you off by then. I look to the day.
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    Default Re: Life Long Disappointment Blog

    love it!!

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