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Thread: 7 year old girl talks smack on Xbox Live

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    I agree with that, Grimmlok.

    After seeing this atrocity, I think I'm going to buy my seven-year-old a pony when I get home. This little kid makes my daughter look like Mother Theresa, Jr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystee68 View Post
    I see foster care in those kids' future. The parents should be held accountable for the trash they're going to turn loose in society. This is whats wrong with America now: kids like these who think their behavior is "cute" and that it makes them tough enough that they will "rule" their environment. Meanwhile, kids like mine who have been taught respect and personal integrity have to deal with kids like this little girl. My three boys have always been taught that under no circumstances do they ever lay hands on a female, but I showed them this vid and told them if they encounter a female who talks to them like this all bets are off. Lay her out and I'll deal with the kid's parents myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    Having been beat up by one future quebecois dieseldyke (mullet and everything) when i was in grade 5, let me assure you that girls can be every bit as physical as guys and if a physical confrontation occurs, you should tell your kids to defend themselves appropriately.
    Grim, this happened to my son in the first grade. I had always taught him not to use violence, especially against females. Then some beastly little man-girl worked him over during recess, bloodied him up. Changed my tune for sure, told him if anyone ever tries to mess with him to take them down with all his might. Regardless of the school's stupid policy.

    Not long after, I chaperoned for their zoo field trip and got to see firsthand what a terror she was. Hateful little heifer needed her ass tore up. Seems like I spent the entire time yelling "ASHLEY, GET BACK OVER HERE!!!"

    These idiot parents need to be stomped for not taming their offspring.

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    Is that an Xbox headset on a PS3? Is that wire even connected?
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    TRASH... that is all.
    Insert witty line here

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