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Thread: The Hills parody: Lauren and Whitney

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    Default The Hills parody: Lauren and Whitney

    I hope everyone is enjoying the new season as much as I am, I came across this hilarious video while cruising celebrity gossip websites.

    Movie Monday Fling : The Hills | Maha's Celebrity Gossip
    (edit: link was down not sure why Here is Youtube link YouTube - The Hills Parody: Lauren and Whitney

    I almost fell off my chair laughing! Maha, the creator of celebrity fling plays both characters and is hilarious!

    Enjoy everyone!
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    That was spot on!

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    LOL- I like the " pretty sure she's retarded" part
    'High, High. Yaw Both High and Smokin' Weeeed in Front of My Howse"
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    Haha I like the , you should switch from butter to jam

    "and her energy was like, up"

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    The Hills
    Why we're all going to hell.

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    Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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