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Thread: April Fools Day

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    Default April Fools Day

    No April Fools Day thread on here? I haven't had a prank pulled on me...yet. There is still the possibility that one of my step brothers will get me good later on today. Anyone have any good stories?

    I saw this recipe for SPAM that I think would make a hysterical joke. To look as someone's face as you dig into what they think is kitty litter. There were some other funny ideas too, but I thought this one was the funniest.
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    i hate April Fools day. its like Halloween for adults, and i hate halloween. bah humbug lol
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    I never really got into this day, to be honest. Pranks are not my preferred brand of humour.
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    sucking on a blow pop and playing with electrodes


    That's hilarious.

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    Exchanging glances with the cunty bitches


    I wanted to barf looking at that kitty litter cake.
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    every prank anyone ever pulls on me is just plain mean. like someone died! or my house is on fire! or something equally as so not fucking funny. and i always fall for it and then they laugh at me.

    i hate april fools day.
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    I've actually made the Kitty Litter Cake. Its not that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRM_SHRiMP View Post
    I've actually made the Kitty Litter Cake. Its not that bad.
    Me too! I think it's quite good actually.

    Didn't have any good pranks this year. My best ever was a few years ago, I told my BF at the time that I was preggo. Kept it up all day too, he had to leave work cause he was feeling nauseous and couldn't concentrate. I felt kinda bad too. It wasn't until his friends took him out to get drunk that he realized what day it was, hahaha. Actually this may have been the downfall of our relationship. He never trusted anything I said again.
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