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Thread: Knowledge we don't need

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    Default Knowledge we don't need

    But it's great to have!

    -elephants are the only mammal that can't jump (i guess that flippy thing that dolphins do counts as jumping but it just doesn't seem fair)

    -pigs have 30 minute orgasims YET don't have sex for fun. WTF's up with that???

    -Nevada has more out of work dancers than any other state.

    -One bucket of water can make enough fog to cover 105 sq miles in 50 feet of fog.

    -Pigs killed off the dodo bird.

    -The wedding kiss is a throwback to when people watched the bridal couple get it on on their wedding night to make sure the marriage was consummated.

    -Why marry in June? The Roman god, Juno, was the Queen of Gods and Goddess of Women. Women hoped to win her favor and make the marriage last with a throw in of a easy child birth.

    -Smallest man alive: 26 inches.

    -Why do we say "Frog in My Throat"? Because back in the day, some throat infections were treated by putting a live frog in heat first into the mouth!

    -How about "Reading Between The Lines"? In the 16th century, politicians, soldiers, and businesssmen like to write in code. The common man, who thought the letters these people wrote looked like gibberish, felt that the mystery was not in the lines of the gibberish, but BETWEEN them!

    -Humans and elephants are the only mammals that can stand on their heads. (kind of makes up for the jumping thing but SOOOOO not for the pig orgasm.)

    -Need some color trivia? Here ya go!

    Pink: people are more willing to pay more for personal services (ie: haircuts) performed by people wearing pink.

    Orange: when used on a product, it shows that the product is for everyone!

    Pale Blue: can make people feel feel 5 degrees cooler in pale blue than women in the same room. People eat less from blue plates.

    Green: Used to sell gum.

    Red: rarely used to sell ice cream because it reminds people of heat.

    -Your skin accounts for 16% of your body weight.

    -In 1631, 2 London printers printing the Bible left out one word: "NOT". Unfortunaley, it turned one commandment to "Thou Shalt Commit Adultery". They were almost imprisioned and that edition is now known as "The Wicked Bible".

    -Ants stretch, and yawn, after resting.

    -Atlantic seals are terrified of ....KAYAKS!

    -A slinky is 87 feet long.

    -Camels have straight spines.

    -The US has 3 times as many animal shelters as it does domestic violence shelters.

    -Animals that don't lay eggs don't have belly buttons.

    -Chickens snore.

    -Shakespeare invented 1700 words.
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    these things are always posted on the stall door in bar bathrooms!

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    I'm confused by the naveless = eggless animals.
    What are we talking about here, animals birthimg by cellular mitosis?
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    I've looked at kitten and puppy bellies... they don't really have a spot after the little thingy falls off.

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