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Thread: The things you hear in New York... funny!

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    Talking The things you hear in New York... funny!

    I just came across Overheard in New York | The Voice of the City which is a site where people submit quotes that they overheard in New York. I thought these were hilarious...

    The Legacy of the Sixties
    Two men pass each other on the street.

    Middle-aged man #1: Hey!
    Middle-aged man #2: I didn't recognize you with clothing on.

    --62nd & Broadway

    It's Like Somebody Moved the Things I Think With
    Girl #1: Lately, I just haven't felt like going out. I've turned into such a...What's the word? A homophobe.
    Girl #2: What? Don't you mean a homophiliac?
    Girl #1: Yes! That's what I meant! God, why can't I think straight today?

    --Forever 21, W 34th St

    In Fact He Has to Black Eyed Pee
    Little boy: How come every time you come around, my London, London Bridge...
    Father: I told you, I don't like that song. Stop singing it.
    Little boy: ...wanna go down, like London, London, London...
    Father: If you don't stop singing it, I'll kill you.
    Little boy: ...wanna go down, like London, London, London...
    Father: That's it, I killed you. You're dead. No one can see you now.
    Little boy: I can't be dead. I have to pee.

    --Uptown 2 train

    A Misunderstanding Regarding Whether Her Man Should Continue Breathing
    Woman: This is the second time I been to New York, though, 'cause last time my girl was like, "Do you like the nightlife?" and I said, "Yeah," and she was like, "Then you gotta get to the city, bitch," and I got arrested for smoking a blunt on someone's brownstone.
    Man: That's terrible.
    Woman: Oh no, I mean, it was like the second time I got arrested, you know, so it was like no big deal.
    Man: What happened the first time?
    Girl: Oh, that was just a misunderstanding. I was like 14, and I was wit' ma man, and we was having words--like, we was having a disagreement--and I stabbed him, is all. It was just a misunderstanding.

    --Chinatown bus

    He Paid Cash
    Queer #1: Oh, jeez, I hooked up with that guy. Don't look.
    Queer #2: Who, the guy who just walked on? Call him over. What's his name?
    Queer #1: What am I, psychic?

    --N train, Ditmars Blvd

    A Mirror? No, I Don't Own One. Why?
    Girl: I hate southern people.
    Friend: How can you hate all southern people?
    Girl: I just do. Some people hate black people, some people hate Jewish people, I hate Southern people.
    Friend: Why?
    Girl: They're so prejudiced.

    --N train

    Even Worse, it Was on His Mom's Side
    College kid #1: God, that girl over there's hot!
    College kid #2: Dude, you need to stop being so obsessed with chicks with tattoos. I fucked a girl with a tattoo, and it was pretty unpleasant.
    College kid #1: That's because she was 48 years old and a grandmother...[To entire train] Did everyone hear that? A grandmother!

    --L train

    The Need for Anti-Meme Drugs Becomes Ever More Pressing
    Ghetto girl: Man, I can't believe he did this! I mean, we was in this relationship for like two weeks, and now he be tryin' to dump me! He was all, "Yeah, we're over." I was like, "What you talkin' about?" Then he was all, "I'm taking you off my Top 8."
    Passerby: He took you off his Top 8? Oh, hell, no.

    --Baryshnikov Arts Center

    But Now That You Mention It...
    Girl: I really wish we had stayed. I totally would have waited in the rain and gotten wet for Beyoncé.
    Guy: I didn't know you were into chicks.
    Girl: Wet from the rain, you jackass.

    --Times Square

    Positive Spin: This Girl Will Never Be Bored
    Teen girl #1: Last night I thought the lights were flicking on and off in my room.
    Teen girl #2: Was there something wrong with the electricity?
    Teen girl #1: No, I realized it was just me opening and closing my eyes.

    --12th & 6th

    The Terms of His Parole Require All the Residents of Manhattan to Hit Him
    Hispanic thug #1: You have to hit a kid to teach him respect.
    Hispanic thug #2: That doesn't work
    Hispanic thug #1: Sure it does, remember when I stole that stuff when I was younger and dad hit me? That taught me the respect that I needed not to steal
    Hispanic thug #2: You still steal.
    Hispanic thug #1: Yeah, but not from my family.

    --Downtown 4

    The Gorgon Sisters Tour Manhattan
    Old tourist lady #1: Nobody looks at you here. Nobody looks into your eyes.
    Old tourist lady #2: They probably would if we were better looking.


    And Start Smelling Me, So I Don't Have to Shower Later
    Woman: You shouldn't smell all of those. It's not nice to the people that will buy them. Besides, you're not even buying one.
    Girl: What makes you think I'm not buying one?
    Woman: It's just not nice for you to smell them, is all I'm saying.
    Girl: What, I'm going to use up all the smell? Just stop talking to me.

    --Candle section, Kmart, Penn Station

    Conductor: We are currently being held in the station because of some other A train fucking us all over.

    --Uptown A train

    He Eats Some of Them While They're Still Alive
    PETA activist: Excuse me, do you love animals?
    Smart-Ass: Yes...They're delicious.
    PETA activist: Murderer!!

    --Columbus Circle

    The Baby Never Has Anything Intelligent to Say, So We Know You're the Mother
    Woman #1: I know he be my baby's daddy.
    Woman #2: Yeah? How?
    Woman #1: They be lookin' the same. He got no teeth and my baby ain't got no teeth eitha'.

    --6 train, Brooklyn Bridge

    Best to Just Smile and Nod
    Paris Hilton: No, no, I didn't go to England; I went to London.

    Not So Cute Anymore, Is He, Ladies?
    Jake Gyllenhaal: Sometimes what I actually love to do is go to a farm and get fresh milk or watch a pig get slaughtered.

    Where Have You Been?
    Drunk, to queer: Fag!
    Queer: ... Dad?

    --14th & 8th

    I'm So Proud!
    Drunk woman in long fur coat: Oh, you have to be fucking kidding me! I gotta pee!
    Tourist: Yeah, we've been waiting for a while. [Nods in direction of unattended mop soaking in bucket, and laughs] I mean, you could always use that thing, I guess.
    Drunk woman: Okay, alright -- just tell me if anyone is coming! [Hikes up coat and begins to pee in bucket.]
    Tourist: Jesus Christ! I've been here one day, and I'm responsible for encouraging public urination.

    ----Line for restroom, McDonald's, Times Square

    And That Eliminates the Need for a Dark Corner?
    Boyfriend, under his breath: I really need to find a dark corner.
    Girlfriend, loudly: You could just pee in my mouth!

    --10th & Broadway

    President: Aren't Those Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq?
    Girl #1: Oh my god, that kid's head is stuck between the bars! [Entire bus crowd looks as kid pulls head out.]
    Girl #2: His head wasn't stuck.
    Boy: Oh my god, is that Hugh Jackman? [Entire bus crowd looks.]

    --Bus outside the Met

    How to Get Some Personal Space on a Crowded Train
    Man: Oh, your dog is so cute. Is that a Yorkie?
    Woman: Oh, yeah, it is. His name is Lucky. I've had him for a looong time.
    Crazy man nearby: Lucky... I stabbed a guy named Lucky 20 years ago. Not so lucky.

    --1 train

    I Really Hope the Word "Home" Was at the End of That
    Queer #1: You did such a good job of shaving my balls!
    Queer #2: You're going to have to do mine again -- they're all spiky again.
    Queer #1: O-M-G -- I'll have to do it as soon as we get home so we have enough time to bang before your parents come!

    --Central Park

    I Can Never Find Waldo
    Girl #1: Eh, let's get out of here. [They leave right after walking in.]
    Girl #2: I hate books.
    Girl #1: Yeah, me too.

    --St. Mark's Book Shop

    Look, That Hobo's Fertilizing It!
    Girl #1: There it is.
    Girl #2: Aw. I thought Madison Square Garden was supposed to be... a garden.

    --34th & 7th

    While Taking It Up the Ass?
    Hipster guy: Yeah, like I'm gonna go see that queer Jersey Boys shit.
    Hipster girl: Is there anything you would go see?
    Hipster guy: No. Not some faggot-ass musical... Well, I might see Mary Poppins.

    --1 train, 59th St

    Fat Caribbean woman to another: Oh, girls' skirts today! My daughter -- her skirt was so short you could see what she had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

    --5 train

    The Tongue in Your Ear Is All Part of the Experience
    Professor: You should really consider going to Europe. It may be boring, but it's cheap!
    Ghetto girl in back: Fuck that shit! I'd rather go to Disney!
    Professor: Europe is actually less expensive to go to than Disney.
    Ghetto girl: Yeah, but only if you stay in a brothel!
    Ghetto boy: Don't you mean 'hostel'?
    Ghetto girl: Same thing, right?

    --Fordham University-Rose Hill

    Dude #1: Yeah, man, all we need to find now is one more hot chick who's willing to do all that, and our porno is set!
    Dude #2: For sure, man.

    --Central Park

    Guy selling umbrellas: Get your umbrellas! Two dollars! Get your umbrellas! Two dollars!
    Customer: How much are they?

    --7th Ave

    Hobo, singing: If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, baby won't you tell me so?
    Tourist woman: You go, girl!
    Hobo: Yo! I'm a guy!

    --R train

    Girl: I still don't understand the definition of emo.
    Boy: It's more emotional than other music.
    Girl: Oh, please, everything is emotional. My face? Emotional.

    --27th & 3rd

    PA announcement: Passengers with over-sized packages must check them at the end of the jetway.
    Traveling dude #1: I have an over-sized package... But I can't check it, baby! Woo-hoo!
    Traveling dude #2: You're a jackass.


    Black teen #1: Word up, nigga.
    Older black man: No, no, no, sister. Don't use the N-word. Please. Anything but that. Show some respect for your sisters and brothers.
    Black teen #2: Fuck you, nigga! You're not my father!

    --B train

    Four-year-old kid, picking nose: Mom! Mom! [Kid holds out booger.]
    Mom: Where the fuck did you get that? Your nose? What the fuck do I want that for?
    Four-year-old kid: Ummm...
    Mom: That's fucking gross! Drop that shit! [Mom grabs kid's wrist and shakes vigorously until booger is dropped.] Now, give me a chip! [Kid gives mom a chip with booger hand.]

    --A train

    Black guy: Excuse me, brotha, may I borrow your phone for two minutes?
    Old man: Sure.
    Black guy, on phone: Wassup, baby? I'm on the line for the liquor store right now... What the fuck you mean 'What line'? The line to get into the fuckin' liquor store! ... I said, the fuckin' line fo' the fuckin' liquor store! You fuckin' retarded? I said the fuckin'-- Oh, okay. [Hangs up, handing the phone back] She already got the liquor.

    --Outside liquor store, Webster Ave

    Middle-aged nerd, pointing to the Cyclone: I've ridden it over a hundred times, and every time the whole time I'm like this [puts both arms up over head]. It's considered, you know, the cool, fun way to ride if you can do it the whole time. Most people can't.

    --Coney Island

    Girl #1: Damn... It smells like a fart.
    Girl #2: Yeah, I didn't say anything 'cause I thought it might have been you... [After long pause] So, it was you, wasn't it?
    Girl #1: Fuck yeah!

    --Fame Diner

    Our Bad
    Girl #1: So, we have a bet -- if I have sex first, then I have to wear a shirt that she's written all over, but if she-- [looks around].
    Girl #2: If she what?
    Girl #1: ... I'll tell you later. I feel like people are listening, and I don't want to end up on some website.

    --Starbucks, 51st & Broadway

    Sir, You're Bleeding
    Woman in large fur coat: What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously! All you do is fucking bitch!
    Man in leather coat: Oh, go to hell, Addy.
    Woman: You fucking asshole. Do you need a fucking tampon? You want a tampon?! [Searches through purse, finds tampon, and flings it at him.] Here you fucking go!
    Man catches passerby staring: What the fuck are you looking at?!


    In My Day, You Had to Walk Two Miles Barefoot to School and a Coke Bottle Sufficed As a Dildo
    Girl: There's a new sex toy -- it's really advanced... You can choose how much body fat you want, change the skin color, everything.
    Guy #1: Wait, do you inflate it?
    Girl: No! It's like a dead person you just fuck.
    Guy #2: Wouldn't it be a lot of work for girls?
    Guy #1: Dude, she can just sit there.
    Guy #2: But still, she has to hop! Like, hop up and down.
    Guy #1: Dude, if it's that advanced, I'm sure the cock moves.
    Guy #2: Oh, true. Yeah, it probably has a boner.

    --Washington Square Park

    Teacher, guiding field trip: Don't you look cute today, April?! I love your dress. I wish I could wear one like it.
    Kindergarten girl: Maybe if you lost some weight, you could.

    --L train

    Mom, looking at bedding: Oooh, this one is nice.
    Daughter: Mom, I'm getting married. I want to have sex. Lots of it. Hot, steamy, nasty, married-people sex. I just don't think I can do that on pastels.

    --JCPenney bridal registry

    American: Americans call the last letter in the alphabet 'zee,' but in Britain they call it 'zed.'
    Swede: Oh! That's why Jay-Z is pronounced 'Jay Zee' and not 'Jay Zed'!


    Little Girl: Mommy, why do people in New York always wear black?
    Mommy: I don't know. Maybe they just don't like looking pretty.
    --Upper East Side

    Guy to buddy: My father was a virgin the first time he had sex!
    --86th & Park

    Frat boy: When she put the six pineapples in her twat, none of us thought she was gonna be able to do it. And then when she farted, there was a cucumber up her butt!
    --3rd St, between Ave A & Ave B

    Dude: I don't know. I just feel like her face is going out of style, you know what I mean?
    --27th & 7th

    Guy on cell: Yeah, it was nice. I had a real nice time... Yup, she was cremated.
    --Lower East Side

    Chick on cell: I don't know why I listened to you. It hurt. A lot. My vagina feels like it's on fire. I'm never doing that again.
    -----92nd & 3rd

    Girl to friend: It's like that saying, you know? 'The pot calling the kettle a slut.'
    --W 63rd St

    Barnard bimbette, about global warming: So, with the polar bears drowning and all, like, what are people worried about? Because, like, there are polar bears at the Central Park Zoo and stuff...
    --Columbia University classroom

    Old lady to Indian girl bending to pick up and return stranger's dropped wallet: I always knew you Iraqis were a good people. I'm so sorry about the war.
    --Penn Station

    Drunk girl: Oh my god! I looove Amy Winehouse! But, ugh! Poor bitch is gonna die soon!
    --Vynl Restaurant, 51st & 9th

    Val Kilmer, noticing a 'Now Appearing' sign: Oh! Kris-tin Bell! Not Chris-tian Bale. That makes a lot more sense.
    ---Big Apple Con, Penn Plaza Pavilion, 33rd & 7th

    Bus driver: No phones on the bus. I don't care if you got problems with your mother, or your brother, or girlfriend got a problem with boyfriend, or boyfriend got a problem with girlfriend, or girlfriend-girlfriend, or boyfriend-boyfriend, or just you got a sad, pathetic life, because other passengers do not like to hear those things. And if you sleep, leave your shoes on -- people take their shoes off, it smells like fish market.
    --Port Authority, Greyhound to Philadelphia

    Hobo: I was leaving my wife. I realized I didn't have to run away, I could just walk. The bitch couldn't fit through the door.
    --A train

    Man: You're right -- I thought I was the only one that thought that the skinny little woman from Sex and the City and Jennifer Aniston look like trannies.
    --Chambers St & W Broadway

    Young suit: You can't break up with me just because I married her while we're engaged! It's not like I love her or anything... Like you've never married anyone for a green card!
    --79th & Lex

    Suit: Man, if I was a woman, I'd be at home sticking everything inside me -- cucumbers, hair brush handles, whatever I could find!
    --Broadway & Crescent Ave, Long Island City

    Drunk guy: The thing I hate about Tom Cruise is how much I love Tom Cruise! [Contemplative pause, then] It really fucks me up, man.
    --34th & 30th

    Man at ATM, to girlfriend: Wow, I just realized I don't need money right now, but I like coming in here so I can feel rich.
    --Commerce Bank, 95th & Broadway
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    I love that site! It's a great time waster.
    "Remember to always be yourself. Unless you suck." - Joss Whedon

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    in my world they know me here


    just imagine what ppl are thinking half the time. if they have the balls to say this stuff i could only wonder what is going in their little minds.

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    ^I know. I'm a person but i dont understand how people think!

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    In Fact He Has to Black Eyed Pee
    Little boy: How come every time you come around, my London, London Bridge...
    Father: I told you, I don't like that song. Stop singing it.
    Little boy: ...wanna go down, like London, London, London...
    Father: If you don't stop singing it, I'll kill you.
    Little boy: ...wanna go down, like London, London, London...
    Father: That's it, I killed you. You're dead. No one can see you now.
    Little boy: I can't be dead. I have to pee.

    --Uptown 2 train

    ^^This one had me really cracking up. These were hilarious, I can't believe what comes out of some people's mouths.
    President Barack Obama
    Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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    public transportation is amazing for things like this. i could write a book with all the nonsense i've seen and heard... i watched a woman on the bus bead a necklace with the tray-thing in her lap and baggies of beads all around her.

    The Baby Never Has Anything Intelligent to Say, So We Know You're the Mother
    Woman #1: I know he be my baby's daddy.
    Woman #2: Yeah? How?
    Woman #1: They be lookin' the same. He got no teeth and my baby ain't got no teeth eitha'.

    --6 train, Brooklyn Bridge

    ^^ i've heard that exact conversation before.

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    i love overheardinnewyork! i can read some of the stuff on that site for days. it's probably my all-time favorite internet time suck.

    eta: hehehe...found one that always makes me giggle:

    A Mighty Wind

    Guy: My dream is to fart into a bullhorn.
    Girl: Wow -- reach for the stars!

    --11th & 3rd

    Overheard by: Lucy

    Overheard in New York | A Mighty Wind
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    these are great!

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