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Thread: Product of the day: To-do list tattoo

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    Default Product of the day: To-do list tattoo

    Forget cheesy tribal tattoos, oddball hipster tattoos of lounge chairs, or Chinese characters that translate into something random. This is a tattoo I can get behind a useful (and nonpermanent) To-Do list tattoo! The kit includes 12 to-do forms you can apply to your body with a washable-ink pen. Who needs pen and paper when you can write on your own skin

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    yeah that seems like a great thing to have at a frat house. to do list is going to turn into who to do list.

    on the serious side......why not get you a piece of paper. if you are going to forget your list on a piece of paper what would make it different to take longer and put on a tattoo, because when i forget my list it is because i am in a rush so i would not have time to apply a tattoo.

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    Are we that stupid!!?

    I write on my hand anyway. Comes right off. Yet someone is going to make money off this.

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    Right... because you can't make a list without lines.

    How silly. Use a piece of paper.

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    i write on my hand too, when i'm making lists in the car or something, and no paper

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