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Thread: Possibly replacements for "Rock of Love"

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    Talking Possibly replacements for "Rock of Love"

    From Television Without Pity:

    TWoP Gallery -> Gallery -> Viewing image -> Careless Whisper Of Love With Andrew Ridgely

    This one in particular made me laugh:

    Did Coverdale always look like Molly Shannon, or is this a recent development? And please tell me it's just a trick of the light in that shot, and his chest is not actually that vintage-Samsonite color. Regardless, if he wants a couple of dozen hopefuls to writhe around Tawny-Kitaen-style on the hood of a European sportscar, methinks doing up another button or two would help his case.

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    Oh I loved him back in the day.
    'High, High. Yaw Both High and Smokin' Weeeed in Front of My Howse"
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