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    Elderly lady in red ... Lena looks ravishing
    We're the sexy strip-o-GRANS

    Published: 21 Jan 2008

    WHO says you have to be young to be sexy?
    Move over Jordan and friends, the glamorous grannies are in town.
    Here we meet three game old birds who say they're still chicks at heart.
    Sight for sore eyes ... Lena

    Easing the lacy black garter down her thigh, Lena winks at the crowd.
    “Hi boys,” she purrs.
    “Off, off,” the crowd chants, keen to catch an eyeful as she slowly peels down her silky suspenders.
    But Lena isn’t a perfectly toned 20-something, stripping in a top London club.
    She’s 74, and the oldest stripper in the country currently strutting her stuff.
    Fed up with busty young blonde girls hogging the limelight, Lena is one of several grannies who are putting the sex back into 60 plus.
    “People want something a bit more real,” says Lena, from Hornchurch, Essex.
    “For 25 years I’ve loved strutting out in my favourite little French maid outfit, and my popularity hasn’t gone downhill as I’ve got older.”
    As a mum of seven, with nine grandkids, Lena’s body is more Judy Finnegan than J-Lo.
    But her raunchy routines drive the crowds wild.
    “I’m probably old enough to be their grandmother,” she laughs.

    And Lena’s not the only one ditching the granny pants for PVC catsuits...
    Nice cups ... Fran shows off her French fancies

    Fran, 62, from Oxford, stars in saucy shoots
    A few years ago, I felt anything but confident about my body.
    As a youngster, I had an hourglass figure, but after having two kids, I’d piled on the pounds.
    When my hubby, Ken, died, I ate for comfort and ballooned to a size 28.
    I felt fat and miserable.
    But all that changed when I met Joe, a sexy Italian, on an internet dating website.
    Joe, 45, reignited my buried desire.
    “Your curves are so sexy,” he gasped, caressing my 44F boobs.
    He took pictures of me in a bikini and posted them online.
    The next morning, I had 250 email messages in my inbox.
    Among all the fan mail, there were offers to do some professional shots.
    “Why not share your curves with the world?” Joe suggested.

    Joe and I only stayed together for 18 months, but stripping for the camera still appealed to me.
    I wanted to prove older, larger women are still desirable.
    I contacted an adult entertainment company and did my first shoot in December 1999.
    At first, I was a bag of nerves.
    I was playing a bored housewife looking for fun with a hunky young handyman.
    The camera clicked as his hands stroked my body and I felt self-conscious.
    But he quickly put me at ease and I walked away with 300.
    I’ve done other work since then.
    My favourite role was a dominatrix in a slinky leather catsuit.
    At first, I was worried how my son, James, 30, would react.
    But when I told him, he said: “It’s your life. I just want you to be happy.”
    Stripping off is a giggle and beats queuing for my pension.

    Lena, 74, from Hornchurch, Essex, is the country’s oldest strippergran
    I first started stripping in my early 50s when an agent spotted me in my local pub and suggested I try being a roly-poly strippergran.
    “Who’d want to see a gran get her kit off?” I chuckled to my hubby, Charlie.
    As a mum of seven, with 10 grandkids, my weight had soared to 18st and my 48DD boobs were far from perky.
    But Charlie, 60, convinced me to give it a go.
    “You’re beautiful,” he told me.
    On my first job, I was petrified.
    As I shimmied out in a French maid outfit, my hands fumbled on the straps of my slinky black dress.
    But I eventually got into the swing of things and the audience went wild.
    Soon, the job offers were flooding in.
    I was performing up to six times a week, and loving every second of it as I could earn up to 60 per saucy session.
    Stripping became my rock when Charlie passed away in 1991, after a heart attack.
    I just wanted to shut myself away, but I knew my punters were waiting.
    So I slipped on some sexy underwear and went out to face the world with a smile.
    I’m 74 now, and I still do the odd show.
    I’m not as sprightly as I was, but I can still fit into my nurse’s outfit.
    I have 10 great-grandkids, and they’re all really proud.
    “You’re so cool, Granny,” they tell me.
    Most days, I have tea with the old ladies in my block of flats, and we natter about Corrie.
    They don't know about my fun job.

    Incredi-Val ... juggles motherhood with saucy job

    Val, 51, from Tamworth, Staffordshire, runs a saucy website
    In my twenties, I’d flaunt my size-18 figure in tight corsets and pencil skirts.
    But as a mum of one, and swiftly approaching 50, I started to worry about everything going south.
    “You’re gorgeous the way you are,” my boyfriend, Gary, told me.
    Then Gary, 46, suggested we set up a website featuring big, beautiful women, and convinced me to pose for some raunchy photos.
    In a skimpy red bikini, my 42C cleavage spilling out, I felt like a sexy vixen.
    “You look amazing, babe,” Gary smiled, clicking away.
    When we launched the website we were inundated with hits.
    I got messages from lads of all ages.
    “You’re sexier than my girlfriend,” they’d tell me.
    The cash was handy, too – we charge people 15 per month to view the saucy shots.
    Young lads might claim they fancy blonde 20-somethings.
    But I know they’re really ogling sexy older women.
    We're the sexy strip-o-GRANS | The Sun |HomePage|Woman|Real Life

    Incredi-Val looks like a tomato. What is that, vinyl?

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    Cynic is gonna love this thread

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    ew ew ew
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    oh wow!

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    Oh. My. God.

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    So I take it none of you will be making a booking any time soon?

    "The howling backwoods that is IMDB is where film criticism goes to die (and then have its corpse gang-raped, called a racist, and accused of supporting Al-Qaeda)" ----Sean O'Neal, The Onion AV Club

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    I'd love to grow old with a good sense of humour like these ladies. Don't want to be no prudie or a grump when I'm old. I'll be posting pics of my bald snatch on the inernet 40 yrs from now.

    Incredi-Val ... juggles motherhood with saucy job
    Val isn't showing nearly enough skin like those other bold ladies

    Quote Originally Posted by Icepik View Post
    Cynic is gonna love this thread
    So true! This is for Cynic... Get a load of this!

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    Good lord...that made me laugh a lot

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    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    when i'm older, i hope to have a sense of humor like that too

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