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Thread: Condoleezza Rice attacked by a liberal fly?

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    Default Condoleezza Rice attacked by a liberal fly?

    This funny video of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice trying to shoo a fly took place a few days ago when she was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos. Do you think the fly was planted by liberals or do you think the fly is just attracted to her bullsh*t?
    Video (and source) here: Gabby Babble: Condoleezza Rice Attacked By a Liberal Fly?
    President Barack Obama
    Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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    well, flies like shit dont they?
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    Ahahaha! I wish this forum had points, because I'd give you 100 for making me laugh out loud! Title and follow up zinger were perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msdebagain View Post
    well, flies like shit dont they?
    OH SNAP!
    ...feed me now!

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