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Thread: Is He Into You ?

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    Default Is He Into You ?

    ***Hmmm... Maybe He's Interested!***

    He seems to be giving you mixed or muted signals
    Which may mean you've been giving him the wrong messages
    When he pauses to notice you, give him a little more attention.
    A little encouragement may go a long way with this guy!

    Is He Into You?
    Blogthings - Is He Into You?
    Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.
    Marilyn Monroe

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    He Is So Into You!

    Come on, why was there any question in your mind?
    If he hasn't asked you out yet, he will!
    All signs point to strong flirtation -
    And that's always a good thing.
    Is He Into You?
    Blogthings - Is He Into You?

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    He Is So Into You!!!

    Good thing, since he's my husand! Lol. Glad we still have the spark after 10 years.
    Value the future on a timescale longer than your own. -Richard Dawkins

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