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Thread: Everybody hurts, including Iraqis!

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    Default Everybody hurts, including Iraqis!

    Study: Iraqis May Experience Sadness When Friends, Relatives Die`+--
    July 25, 2007 | Issue 4330

    CHAPEL HILL, NCA field study released Monday by the University of North Carolina School of Public Health suggests that Iraqi citizens experience sadness and a sense of loss when relatives, spouses, and even friends perish, emotions that have until recently been identified almost exclusively with Westerners.
    Enlarge Image Study Iraqis

    An Iraqi study group reacts to a car bombing. Researchers (not pictured) gathered data from a fortified observation booth.

    "We were struck by how an Iraqi reacts to the sight of the bloody or decapitated corpse of a family member in a not unlike an American, or at the very least a Canadian, would," said Dr. Jonathan Pryztal, chief author of the study. "In addition to the rage, bloodlust, and hatred we already know to dominate the Iraqi emotional spectrum, it appears that they may have some capacity, however limited, for sadness."

    Though Pryztal was quick to add that more detailed analysis is needed, he said the findings cast some doubt on long-held assumptions about human nature in that region.

    "Contrary to conventional wisdom, it seems that Iraqis do indeed experience at least minor feelings of grief when a best friend or a grandparent is ripped apart by a car bomb or shot execution style and later unearthed in a shallow mass grave," Prytzal said. "Last December's suicide-bomb killing of 71 Shiites in Baghdad, for example, produced unexpected reactions ranging from crumpled, sobbing despair to silent, dazed shock."

    Iraqis have often been observed weeping and wailing in apparent anguish, but the study offers evidence indicating this may not be exclusively an outward expression of anger or a desire for revenge. It also provocatively suggests that this grief can possess an American-like personal quality, and is not simply a tribal lamentation ritual.
    Study Iraqis jump

    An Iraqi mother expressing American-like grief at the loss of her son.

    Said Pryztal: "When trying to understand the psychology of the Iraqi citizenry after four years of war, think of a small American town roiled by the death of a well-known high school football player."

    According to Pryztal, the intensity of the grief does not diminish if the mourner experiences multiple bereavements over time. "If a woman has already lost one child, the subsequent killings of other children will evoke similar responses," he said. "In the majority of cases we studied, it appeared as though those who lost multiple kids never actually got used to it."

    Though Pryztal expects the results of the study may be of some interest to students of Arab psychology, he did concede that the data may not be entirely accurate because it was gathered directly from Iraqis themselves.

    "Almost all the Iraqis we interviewed said the war had ruined their lives because of the incalculable loss of friends and family," Pryztal said. "But to be totally honest, these types of studies can be skewed rather easily by participant exaggeration."

    Psychologists and anthropologists have thus far largely discounted the study, claiming it has the same bias as a 1971 Stanford University study that concluded that many Vietnamese showed signs of psychological trauma from nearly a quarter century of continuous war in southeast Asia.

    "We are, in truth, still a long way from determining if Iraqis are exhibiting actual, U.S.-grade sadness," Mayo Clinic neuropsychologist Norman Blum said. "At present, we see no reason for the popular press to report on Iraqi emotions as if they are real."

    Pryztal said that his research group would next examine whether children in Sudan prefer playing with toys or serving as guerrilla fighters and killing innocent civilians.

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    I was all "WTF?!?", and then I saw the link to The Onion...

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    Default Martyrs

    Two al Qaida mothers are sitting in the cafe chatting over a pint of goat's milk. The older of the mothers pulls her bag out and starts flipping through pictures and they start reminiscing. "This is my oldest son Mohammed. He's 24 years old now."

    "Yes, I remember him as a baby," says the other mother cheer- fully.

    "He's a martyr now though," mum confides.

    "Oh so sad, dear," says the other.

    "And this is my second son Habib. He's 21."

    "Oh, I remember him," says the other happily. "He had such curly hair when he was born."

    "He's a martyr too," says mum quietly.

    "Oh gracious me," says the other.

    "And this is my third son. My baby. My beautiful Ahmed. He's 18," she whispers.

    "Yes," says the friend enthusiastically, "I remember when he first started school."

    "He's a martyr also," says mum, with tears in her eyes.

    After a pause and a deep sigh, the second al Qaida mother looks at the photographs and says, "They blow up so fast, don't they?"


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    I have to admit I laughed. Damn.

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