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(real and not so real)

In the June 17, 2007 Washingtonpost.com article ‘Renegade’ Joins Race For White House, writer Anne E. Kornblut reports the Secret Service code name for presidential hopeful Barack Obama is ‘Renegade’.
Kornblut also lists the code names for Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John F. Kerry, Al Gore, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan.
As they are no longer classified, Secret Service code names for political and prominent figures can be easy found on the web, such as on this website, and this one. Below is a short sampling:

Eagle - Pres. Bill Clinton

Deacon - Pres. Jimmy Carter
  • Lancer - John F. Kennedy
  • Rawhide - Ronald Reagan (because he acted in Westerns)
  • Searchlight -Richard Nixon
  • Timberwolf - Pres. George H.W. Bush
  • Tumbler - Pres. George W. Bush (carry over from his roughhouse days)
Vice Presidents
  • Scorecard - Dan Quayle (due to his time on the golf course)
  • Sundance - Vice Pres. Al Gore (previously Sawhorse due to his wooden personality)
First Ladies
  • Evergreen - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Rainbow - Nancy Reagan
  • Snowbank - Barbara Bush (perhaps her hair had something to do with it)
Notable Figures
  • Minuteman - Sen. John F. Kerry
  • Napoleon - Frank Sinatra
  • Ramrod - Bob Dole
  • Renegade - Barack Obama
  • Sunburn - Ted Kennedy
  • Thunder - Jesse Jackson
  • Unicorn - Prince Charles
  • Halo - Pope John Paul II
  • Kitty Hawk - Queen Elizabeth II
Places and Vehicles
  • Dog Pound - Press Aircraft (how endearing)
  • Cement Mixer - White House Situation Room
  • Cobweb - Vice President’s Office *
  • Fireside - Secretary of State Residence
  • Pacemaker - Vice President’s Staff *
  • Playground - Helicopter Pad, Pentagon
  • Pork Chop - Old Senate Office Building
  • Punchbowl - Capitol Building
  • Tool Room - Vice President’s Office *
(* Code names associated with current VP win for accuracy)
But what, you may ask, are the code names for the other presidential candidates? Kornblut explains:
  • (Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) are the only two candidates so far to receive official protection, and Clinton’s is a result of her status as a former first lady
Since the other presidential candidates aren’t cool enough to have code names yet, I offer to the Secret Service the following suggestions:

Long Mouth - Sen. Joe Biden

Inheritance - Sen. Christopher Dodd

Pantsuit - Sen. Hillary Clinton (Evergreen)

Robin Hood - Former Sen. John Edwards

Looney Tune - Former Senator Mike Gravel

Dove - Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Toothbrush - Sen. Barack Obama (Renegade)

Average Joe - Gov. Bill Richardson

Apostle / Fruit Brute - Sen. Sam Brownback

Donut / Count Chocula - Former Gov. Jim Gilmore

Breakup - Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Thin Man - Former Gov. Mike Huckabee

Conan - Rep. Duncan Hunter

Gaffer - Sen. John McCain

Old School - Rep. Ron Paul, M.D.

Flipper - Former Gov. Mitt Romney

Xenophobe - Rep. Tom Tancredo

Poser - Former Sen. Fred Thompson (yet to announce his candidacy)

Flintstone - Former Gov. Tommy Thompson
What code names would you give them?

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