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Thread: Weird middle east conflict chess set

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    Default Weird middle east conflict chess set

    Not so much a laugh as an oddity. I'm still not sure what the message is supposed to be here. Soldiers as pawns? Gold is king? The enemy all looks the same?
    Pictures here:

    "What makes this large ceramic chess set unusual is its artistic portrayal of the Middle East conflict. Arrayed against the forces of the West are burkha clad Islamic extremists. Look closely -- all those pieces look the same. The challenge playing for or against the Islamic extremist side is to remember which piece is which -- like in the real conflict.

    Besides the ominous, dark pieces of the Islamic extremist side, the play on art continues to the other side, with the stack of gold coins representing cash-is-king and the Statue of Liberty as queen.
    The Game at Hand does not reflect an opinion for or against the War in Iraq, but is art with symbols and poignancy to compel the viewer to think and feel. For another look at chess and such conflicts, take a peek at our King Alphonse poster.

    Each ceramic figure is hand made one at a time by the artistic duo of Debbie and Larry Kline. They make the chessboard by hand, too, with its 5" squares."

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    this is uh, not promoting unity lol

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