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Thread: Who couldn't follow this trail?

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    Default Who couldn't follow this trail?

    CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - A man suspected of stealing a loaded beer truck was nabbed after a police dog followed a trail of beer and clothes to find him hiding on top of a porch, Edmonton police said Tuesday.
    The police dog was called out to a parking lot in the western Canadian city Monday morning where a beer delivery truck, recently stolen outside a liquor store, had been abandoned after a collision.
    Edmonton police spokeswoman Karen Carlson said the dog and its handler followed a trail of discarded beer, a cooler, a hand cart and pieces of clothing to a nearby apartment building.
    "I guess the dog had a pretty good scent to go on," Carlson said.
    Just as police readied to enter the apartment building, the suspect was seen climbing out of a second-storey window and on to the roof of the building's porch.
    Police said the man was arrested without incident and charged with theft and hit and run.

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    Good ol' Canada where what we steal is BEER!!! YUM!!
    (")_(") I'm just helping MissKat help bunny take over the world!

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