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    Default Texas Plastic Surgeons

    Plastic Surgery In Texas

    Three Texas plastic surgeons were playing golf together and discussing
    surgeries they had performed. One of them said, "I'm the best plastic
    surgeon in Texas. A concert pianist lost 7 fingers in an accident. I
    reattached them, and 8 months later he performed a private concert for
    the Queen of England."

    One of the others said, "That's nothing. A young man lost both arms and
    legs in an accident. I reattached them, and 2 years later he won a gold
    medal in 5 field events in the Olympics."

    The third surgeon said, "You guys are amateurs. Several years ago a cowboy
    who was high on cocaine and alcohol rode a horse head-on into a train
    traveling 80 miles an hour. All I had left to work with was the horse's ass
    and a cowboy hat. Now he's president of the...........
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