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Thread: Judge Gets Revenge

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    Default Judge Gets Revenge

    (9/13/06 - NEW PORT RICHEY, FL) - Nicole Delameter has learned to be more judicious when selecting a parking spot.

    When Circuit Judge Stanley Mills arrived for work Monday, Delameter's 1990 Oldsmobile was parked in his reserved space at the courthouse. So he parked his 2005 Cadillac behind her car and forced her to sit in his courtroom until he was ready to leave.

    Delameter, 26, swears she thought the "reserved" sign meant it was reserved for those going to court. She had to sit in the judge's courtroom for more than three hours -- and she had come only to give her sister a ride to a boyfriend's court hearing.

    "I'm very, very sorry," she told the St. Petersburg Times. "I'll never do it again in a million, million years."

    Mills said it was the second time in as many weeks that he found someone parked in his space.

    "There's two perks to the job," the judge said. "I have my own bathroom, and I have my own parking spot, and you're not going to get to use either."

    (Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

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    I'd have done the same thing.
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    There's a third perk to the job -- if you're having a bad day,
    you can send some wanker to jail for three days if they so much as
    fail to stand up when you enter the room.

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