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Thread: Man snuck into woman’s bedroom in G-string, high on meth and thought she was a panda

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    Default Man snuck into woman’s bedroom in G-string, high on meth and thought she was a panda

    Ex-lawyer sneaked into woman’s bedroom in purple G-string while high on meth and thought she was a panda

    Richard Hartley-Parkinson
    Tuesday 1 Dec 2015 12:05 pm

    Desmond Moran is alleged to have gone into the woman’s flat while high on drugs An ex-lawyer denies going into a woman’s room while high on crack and meth wearing a G string and fishnet stockings to commit a sexual assault.

    Southwark Crown Court heard that Desmond Moran, 53, went into his victim’s room in a flat in Bayswater, West London, and thought she was a giant panda.
    When she woke up she saw him walk slowly across the room before staring out of the window. When she saw what he was wearing she screamed, waking up her young children
    The woman told the court: ‘I woke up and I saw him there and he was just looking at us, I felt like he was looking at me even though the two kids were there.
    ‘I said “Who are you, what are you doing? What are you doing in my apartment?”
    ‘I thought he was accidentally there and as soon as I said something he would run off.’

    She continued: ‘He moved into the bedroom and over to the window, then he turned around to face the window.

    ‘That’s when I started getting quite anxious and I started screaming at him, and the children woke up.’
    ‘When I first saw him I couldn’t see much, I thought he had an apron on, he wasn’t wearing trousers or a jacket, it was like a costume, and when he went to the window and turned around I could see his bottom – I think he had a G-String on.’

    She added: ‘He was quiet and calm, it was really weird and he moved really slowly, he started to walk out slowly back to the door, back to where he had been standing when I first woke up.’

    After Moran left, she said she ran to her live-in nanny’s room and locked herself and her children in until the police arrived.

    They found him in the basement of the flats, still wearing fishnet stockings and a G-string.
    In a police interview he said: ‘I honestly didn’t see a woman on the bed, I didn’t see any children in the bed, I honestly thought it was a big panda bear in the bed, that’s what it looked like to me.
    ‘I had taken some drugs but I am pretty certain that’s what I saw, I didn’t see any woman, I didn’t see any kids… were they under the panda?’

    He continued: ‘I went to the bay window and the window was open, and I thought “why is the window open?” I went over and I looked down into the street.
    ‘Then I thought “I’m just going to leave.” I was nearly out of the room, I hadn’t seen the woman, then it all happened so quickly – she was screaming “who are you, get out of my house”.’
    ‘Then the kids started screaming, but it didn’t sound like kids screaming – it didn’t sound real, it honestly sounded like a tape recording of kids screaming, I know it sounds strange.’
    Giving evidence at court, Moran could not explain why he was wearing the stockings and G-string.

    He denied he entered the flat to sexually assault the woman. The trial continues.
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    That’s crazy lol

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