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Thread: 'Aliens Are Out There - And They Look Like Us' & World UFO Day ;)

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    Default 'Aliens Are Out There - And They Look Like Us' & World UFO Day ;)

    'Aliens Are Out There - And They Look Like Us'

    'Aliens Are Out There - And They Look Like Us'

    Sky News 16 hours ago

    Aliens resembling humans must have evolved on other planets, a leading biologist has claimed.

    Evolutionary biologist Simon Conway Morris says it is surprising we have not already discovered extra-terrestrials that look like us - given the growing number of Earth-like planets now discovered by astronomers.

    He based his claim on evidence that different species will independently develop similar features which means that life similar to that on Earth would also develop on equivalent planets.

    The theory, known as convergence, says evolution is a predictable process which follows a rigid set of rules.

    "I would argue that in any habitable zone that doesn't boil or freeze, intelligent life is going to emerge, because intelligence is convergent," he said.

    "One can say with reasonable confidence that the likelihood of something analogous to a human evolving is really pretty high.

    "And given the number of potential planets that we now have good reason to think exist, even if the dice only come up the right way every one in 100 throws, that still leads to a very large number of intelligences scattered around, that are likely to be similar to us."

    The argument is put forward in his new book The Runes Of Evolution.

    He has previously claimed that aliens would resemble earthlings with limbs, heads, and bodies.

    And he goes further in the new book, claiming any Earth-like planet should also evolve predators like sharks as well as mangroves, and mushrooms, among many other things.

    © Getty (Original Martian From Mars Attacks)

    World UFO Day (Wow that's a thing.. Kewl!)

    © AP Images (Roswell)

    World UFO Day is being celebrated on July 2 to raise awareness about the existence of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and to encourage governments to declassify their knowledge about such sightings.

    If extraterrestrial beings have always intrigued you, see which locations across the globe are believed to be UFO hot spots.

    © Lee Horn/Getty Images

    Pacific Coast Highway, California, United States

    The stretch between San Diego and San Francisco is where people have claimed to have sighted UFOs regularly since 1947.
    During World War II, the military fired hundreds of artillery shells at such a UFO that flew over Los Angeles, but without much success.

    © Holger Leue/Getty Images

    Nullarbor Plain, Australia

    This remote area in the Australian Outback has been a UFO hot spot since the 1950s, when the British military started atomic bomb tests here.
    Many travellers crossing this desert-like area have complained of being chased by UFOs.
    With reports of alien abductions circulating, the government erected a "Beware of UFOs" highway sign.

    © LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

    Warminster, England

    The UFO saga started in this sleepy town in 1961 when four people noticed one flying over—leaving a trail of sparks.
    Numerous sightings and sounds have been reported since, with many enthusiasts camping atop Cradle Hill to watch for the UFOs.
    The presence of the Stonehenge (pictured) in the area has only added to the intrigue.

    © alessen/Getty Images

    Nazca City, Peru

    The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoplyphs that were first discovered in 1927.
    Since the large designs can be seen in entirety only from the air and given the ancient Nazca people couldn't fly, alien enthusiasts believe that these lines are actually spacecraft landing strips.

    © AP Images

    Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada, United States

    Route 375 was officially named Extraterrestrial Highway in 1996 following several claims of UFO sightings along this route.
    Moreover, the highway passes through Area 51—one of the most secret U.S. Air Force bases where, it is believed, a massive UFO craft that had crashed in the town of Roswell, New Mexico, is kept hidden.

    © MCT via Getty Images

    Little A'Le'Inn, Nevada, United States

    Alien enthusiasts can stop by Little A'Le'Inn on the Extraterrestrial Highway, next-door to Area 51, where UFO believers congregate to exchange stories of the latest sightings over an "alien burger."

    © Alan Copson/JAI/Corbis

    Wycliffe Well, Australia

    According to UFO enthusiasts, sightings in this area are so common that anyone who fails to locate one is considered simply unlucky.
    In the Northern Territory, sightings date back to WWII.
    The Wycliffe Well Holiday Park has lots of UFO paraphernalia to get visitors in the UFO-spotting mood.

    © Drew Buckley/REX

    Broad Haven Triangle, Wales

    This Welsh area shot to fame when students allegedly spotted a 7-foot being in a silver costume coming out of a UFO craft in the field next to their school in the mid-'70s.
    After several similar sighting reports later, the place became a pilgrimage for UFO enthusiasts.

    © Colin McPherson/Sygma/Corbis

    Bonnybridge, Scotland

    Since 1992, residents of this small town and the adjoining areas have regularly reported sighting unknown flying objects.
    According to the Scottish government, it receives around 300 reports of UFO sightings every year from Bonnybridge and its surrounding areas.

    © iStock/Getty Images

    Phoenix, Arizona, United States

    Whether due to its proximity to Area 51 or the oft talked about alien base Dulce in New Mexico, Arizona has always been a UFO sighting hot spot.
    In March 1997, thousands of witnesses in Phoenix claimed to have seen a triangular formation of lights over the area, what came to be known as "The Phoenix Lights."

    © Brent Winebrenner/Getty Images

    San Clemente, Chile

    This small town in the Andes Mountains has reported so many UFO sightings in the past two decades that in 2008 it opened a 19-mile stretch called UFO trail, which locals say is a favorite landing spot for alien spacecrafts.
    The town has since evolved into a UFO enthusiasts' must-go destination.

    © Susana Gonzalez/Bloomberg

    Mexico City, Mexico

    This city reported one of the largest mass UFO sightings in 1991. During a total solar eclipse, many eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a strange aircraft hovering in the sky.
    Recently, in March 2015, a webcam is said to have captured footage of a UFO that resembled a horse hovering near the Colima volcano.

    © REX/Amos Chapple

    Istanbul, Turkey

    In 2008, a night guard at the Yeni Kent Compound recorded several UFOs on video over a period of four months.
    Witnesses confirmed the video, which led the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center to call it the "most important images of a UFO ever filmed."

    © ALEXANDER DEMIANCHUK/Newscom/Reuters

    Sochi, Russia

    The Black Sea coastal city is another UFO hot spot, where many residents have reportedly seen luminous objects and flying saucers in the skyline.
    On top of that, some people believe that Bytkha Mountain has a UFO base from where visitors travelling between worlds are ferried.

    © AP Photo/Portal da Copa, Gabriel Heusi

    Colares Island, Brazil

    In 1977, an outbreak of UFO sightings took place on the island, which today is referred as the Colares flap.
    Two people died and many more were injured in the incident. Though the government ordered a probe, the results were not made public.
    The island residents continue to sight UFOs to this day.

    © Ron Erwin/All Canada Photos/

    Manitoba, Canada

    In 2011, around 986 UFO sightings were reported across Canada, which shot up to 1,981 in 2012.
    Witnesses reported seeing triangle, chevron, boomerang, orb, sphere and saucer-shaped craft in the skies. Earliers, the Charlie Redstar Flap incident in Manitoba in 1975-1976 was one of the most famed sightings reported.

    © iStock/Getty Images

    The M Triangle, Russia

    Located in the Ural Mountains, it is of the most popular places in Russia for UFO sightings.
    Over a period of time, many people of the region have reported mysterious things, such as strange lights, UFOs, weird symbols in the sky and encounters with translucent beings.

    © AP Photo/Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp., Larry Pierce

    Elk River, Minnesota, United States

    The town's first brush with UFOs happened in the 1990s and it has continued since.
    Sightings of various shapes, such as wing, V-shaped craft, saucers, and even in the shape of a jellyfish, are regularly reported.

    © Bruce Smith/AP Photo

    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States

    Visitors might come across many eyewitnesses of UFO sightings in this beach town. In 2011, a local business owner said he had seen strange orbs in the sky.

    *My inner nerd.. (no actually i'm more of a dork) would LOVE to visit all these places.. and then get shot to pieces in a blaze of glory by the 'Camo Dudes' at Area 51/Groom Lake..
    Now THAT would be a cool way to go out.. hahaha... Aww yeah

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    You just reminded me that it's the twilight zone marathon on sci fi.
    msdeb and Jazzy like this.
    See, Whores, we are good for something. Love, Florida

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    Shellee, have fun with it (great show).

    i'm a sucker for the supernatural/secret/unknown side of life (No, what a shock!).. and this kind of thing fascinates me.

    It's a shame the 'Illuminati Insider' thread dude turned out to be a jerk, because it would have been interesting to hear from someone who knows about all of that.

    Many years ago my Mother worked with a lady (briefly) who's husband was a Freemason and he wouldn't even tell her (his wife) a thing about what their meetings were about (can't blame him ).

    It's all very intriguing stuff.

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    Most people believe intelligent aliens exist, poll says

    Douglas Main 2 hrs ago

    © Jim Young/REUTERS More than half of Americans think intelligent aliens exist, according to a new poll.

    Are we alone in the universe? Most Americans, Brits and Germans think that we are not. In fact, a new poll shows that slightly more than half of respondents from each country think that intelligent alien life exists.

    The poll, conducted by the market-research company YouGov, found the Germans are most likely to believe, at 56 percent, followed by Americans and British, at 54 and 52 percent, respectively.

    Those who believe greatly outnumber the people who definitely do not; at most, just under one-third of people in Germany assert that there is no intelligent life outside of Earth, while only around one-quarter of respondents in the other countries said the same. One-fifth of Americans and British said they didn’t know one way or the other.

    The poll surveyed 1,000 or more people in each country and had a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.

    American men (65 percent) were significantly more likely than women (46 percent) to believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life. Those over 65 were less likely to believe than those who are younger; people ages 30 to 44 are the most likely to believe, at 60 percent. People in the South and West (both at 57 percent) were more likely to assert aliens’ existence than those skeptical Northeasterners (47 percent).

    The surveyors asked Americans who said smart aliens don’t exist to explain why. Nearly two-thirds responded that it’s because “humans were created by a God or another higher being,” and 31 percent chose the response that “the Earth is unique—it is the only place capable of sustaining intelligent life.”

    So if there are smart aliens, why haven’t they contacted us? Forty-two percent of Americans said it’s because “human technology is not advanced enough for us to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligent life.” Thirty percent believe that “extra-terrestrial intelligent life has already contacted us but the government has covered it up.” And nearly one-quarter responded that aliens have “contacted or visited Earth, but long before the development of human civilization.”

    People are a little less sure about the wisdom of trying to contact aliens. Only 43 percent of Americans support a program that “aims to send a digital message describing life on earth to other intelligent civilizations in space,” while 31 percent say the message shouldn’t be sent.

    A past poll by the same group, in 2013, found that 50 percent of Americans thought that extraterrestrial life exists, while only 38 percent said that intelligent life exists. However, a 2012 survey by National Geographic found that 77 percent of Americans think that aliens have visited Earth.

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    I think they are real and they are already here. Men in Black kinda of stuff too.

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    i heard a quote a while ago along the lines of "It would be foolish to think humans were the only intelligent lifeforms in the universe".. it is a great quote.

    If aliens are among us they are probably shaking their heads and thinking "What a bunch of destructive goofballs these human critters are" (and that's being polite).

    Bigfoot, Sasquatches and Yeti's also fascinate me... i saw a documentary the other day and apparently the males are very interested in human females.. so there is still a chance for me to go on a date with a BIG HAIRY DUDE and then get lucky.. *grabs camping gear and romantic candles etc* .. haha.

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