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Thread: Spatula City!

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    Default Spatula City!

    I was having a conversation on another website about needing housewares, and a spatula, once upon a time and how everyone recommended that I go to IKEA for my houseware needs.

    I wasn't in the US at the time, but if I had been I could have gone to Spatula City! -

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    I can't hear the word spatula without thinking of a guy that I met through my bestie. This guy is dyslexic and had been telling us about this great band he was really getting into called Spatula and none of us had ever heard of them or could find anything out about them. Then one day he turned up wearing his Spatula t-shirt and we discovered he was actually talking about the Brazilian metal band Sepultura....

    And yes, he still gets reminded about it years and years later. Some things you will never, ever live down.
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    UHF is a classic!
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