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Thread: Forklift Driver Klaus: First Day on the Job

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    Default Forklift Driver Klaus: First Day on the Job

    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    The hell did I just watch...

    I am glad that I watched all of it though, lol.
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    I know better than to click on Twitchy links, but OMG, that was so hysterical! Shouldn't Klaus have been fired after the very first incident?? LOL

    I actually know how to operate a forklift. For some reason, most of my jobs were in the manufacturing field and even though I worked in the office, I was always close with the guys in the back and they'd let me scoot around. NEVER did I do any bodily or property damage though! DAMN!

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    Haha.. oh dear.. maybe Klaus should of stuck to being a brain surgeon.. haha

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