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Thread: 'Mean Boyz' is Todrick Hall's Fabulous version of Mean Girls

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    Default 'Mean Boyz' is Todrick Hall's Fabulous version of Mean Girls

    lol I love this

    From the mind of Todrick Hall, the genius who brought us "CinderFella," comes "Mean Boyz," a parody video to celebrate the cult classic "Mean Girls," which will celebrate its 10-year anniversary this April.

    Featuring familiar faces such as Chris Crocker and "Drag Race" favorite William, this might be one of the most clever (and gayest) "Mean Girls" parodies we've ever seen. Following a young gay boy who just moved from Indiana to West Hollywood,
    this queer subversion of Tina Fey's genius comedy will have you gagging.

    Check it out for yourself above!

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    That was gayer than Paris in the Spring. 50 Shades of Gay.
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    My girls and I love that movie. I just happened to see a friend of my daughters last night in a hoodie that said, "You Go Glen Coco!".

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    Todrick. Dear God....
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    No. It's so dumbishly stereotypically gay in a bad way. And then you wonder why gays get such a bad rep.

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