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Thread: Funny, sarcastic Harrison Ford interview with GQ

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    Default Funny, sarcastic Harrison Ford interview with GQ

    Ford does sound like a pretty entertaining person to hang out with.... I thought the comment about playing a general was particularly funny....

    GQ+A: A Very Grouchy Harrison Ford Discusses His Role in Ender's Game: The Q: GQ

    You've had a disproportionate amount of success with science fiction: the Star Wars trilogy, Blade Runner, now Ender's Game
    That's three out of forty-one.

    Although it's three of the more prominent ones, right?
    If you say so.

    I was going to ask you what draws you to the genre. But maybe you don't see it that way.
    I don't see it that way at all. It really is a very small percentage of the films that I've done.

    Between Ender's Game and the Hunger Games franchise, why do you think we're so entertained by kids killing one another?
    [long pause] Beats the shit out of me. Ender's Game is a very different kind of movie and a very different kind of warfare.

    In the book, your character, Colonel Graff, is a stress eater and struggles with obesity. How come that aspect of the character didn't make it into the film version?
    I'd just finished doing a movie [the Jackie Robinson biopic 42] in a fat suit. I don't think I was up for that.

    Were you troubled at all by the political beliefs of Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card, who opposes gay marriage and believes that Obama is going to mobilize gangs of “urban” youth to enforce his will?
    The issues that are coming up now are not part of the book, which is twenty-eight years old. So they don't really concern me. [long pause] “Concern me” are really not the right words. I think it's better to say that they are simply not issues; his point of view on some of these issues that are getting such attention now is not promoted by or part of the story that we're telling.

    Are you enjoying the gruff-authority-figure phase of your career? You get to play a lot of colonels and high-ranking executives and generals these days.
    I don't remember a general, but maybe I'm just not paying attention.

    What was it like filming a space movie in the age of CGI? Does it force you to work differently?
    No. Acting is about using your imagination.

    Is there a trick to making seemingly ridiculous dialogue like “When the aliens first invaded...” work?
    Yeah. That's my job. That's why I get paid.

    Read More GQ+A: A Very Grouchy Harrison Ford Discusses His Role in Ender's Game: The Q: GQ
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    I like the ornery old coot but he has always been like that!!!
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    Ha, I love it.

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    The better side of him.

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    No. Acting is about using your imagination.

    I love him so much.
    I smile because I have no idea what's going on

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    Very funny. I hope the interviewer learned a valuable lesson.
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    i love him. and i'd still hit it.
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    He's always been deadpan like that and its awesome.
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    The interviewer was uninformed and idiotic, seeming to want to spin his answers into a preconceived idea for the article. I love that he shot them down.

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