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Thread: Funny Pranks - The Japanese Way

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    Arrow Funny Pranks - The Japanese Way

    OMG! This video had me laughing so hard, I was crying!

    The pranks can be downright dangerous! However, I can guarantee it'll have you in stitches!

    NSFW (some butts showing)
    Rock the fuck on!

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    Default Re: Funny Pranks-The Japanese Way

    that was funny! i laughed out loud.

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    Default Re: Funny Pranks - The Japanese Way

    ROFL I love the last guy! He's totally enjoying it!

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    Default Re: Funny Pranks - The Japanese Way

    I've seen something similar just with outdoor toilets!

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    Default Re: Funny Pranks - The Japanese Way

    Oh man, that's too funny! I know in America there would be tons of lawsuits if that happened to them.

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