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Thread: This lady is serious about rhubarb

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    Default This lady is serious about rhubarb

    This lady is absolutely insane. Language in video is NSFW:

    I don't know how to get the video to embed since it's not youtube, but here's the link: - Crazy lady stealing rhubarb.

    (If anyone knows how to get this to embed, please help!)

    via Dlisted:
    Hot Slut Of The Day!

    July 31, 2013 / Posted by: Michael K

    The NSFW Crazy Rhubarb Lady!

    If the minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone and the mind of John Waters violently humped each other raw, they’d create this human strawberry in a dusty, garage sale wig. This joy to the world is serious about her rhubarb and when she’s caught picking rhubarb that’s overgrowing from a neighbor’s yard into the “alley property,” she turns into a fuck-throwing insult machine. Every time she opens her yap trap, she sounds like she’s having a painful, bowel movement and she kind of is, through her mouth. I’m just going to stop here and give you some of the rotten rhubarb-covered gems that Susan Boyle’s long-lost insane American bitch sister spits at her neighbor (who I’m pretty sure is Mickey Mouse):
    “You Pinnochio fucking nose, go mind your own business!”
    “This doesn’t have your name on it. Where’s your name, bitch? Where’s your name, bitch?”
    “Don’t call me sweetheart, honeybun. What are you? A fucking lezzie?”
    “Have some coffee, you’re drunk as a skunk!”
    “You shut your goddamn mouth, why don’t you go in there and lose some weight, you big fatass.”
    Even Rapunzel’s witch wouldn’t come at this cuntified mess. I’m sure that as soon as she got home, the Crazy Rhubarb Lady baked a rhubarb pie for the orphans of her town and I’m sure that rhubarb pie was poisoned.
    (For Cody and everybody else who sent this in)

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    haha, that was awesome. I would have turned the hose on her.
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    OMG that was insane.
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    Hahahah hahaha omg.

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    "You've given me trouble before, fucking bitch!"
    "Go back in the goddamn house, bitch"
    "fuck you."

    As God is my witness I would BURN that shit down before I let that old bitch have any if she talked to me like that. I'd take the fucking hoe out there and destroy it right in front of her... all the while throwing it over the fence for the fire so she could smell it BURN!
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    Kill It.
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    That bitch is crazy. I laughed my ass off.
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    Hopefully she ate the poisonous parts of the rhubarb. She looks like a gentle old lady with her cute blue shorts and curly brown wig and then the trucker mouth from hell breaks lose. Hmmm wonder if it's a guy in drag??

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    I fucking hated that video, the old lady she's arguing with sounds exactly like my ex-MIL.
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    That ratchety, bridge-troll voice will haunt me for the rest of my days.....

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