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Thread: Beijing citizens go to the dogs

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    Default Beijing citizens go to the dogs

    It's a dog's life for Chinese owners of the canine species as the nation's first theme park designed for man's best friend has opened in the capital city, Beijing.

    Having opened its doors at the start of this month, the Coolbaby Dog Theme Park says that it is Asia's largest such development and possesses a range of facilities and activities to keep our canine companions well and truly content.

    Plastic pylons, hoops, swimming facilities all these and more are available for the city's dogs to run wild in, and beneath all the fun there is the vestige of a serious intention.

    Spokesperson Wang Xiaoyun told CRI: "This park will be a platform for people who love dogs and other pets to exchange ideas so they can raise their pets in a better way."

    Local reports claim that there are as many as half a million licensed dogs residing in the city of Beijing.
    Something tells me I'm gunna be seeing Moomies and Elmo pretty soon!
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    Default Re: Beijing citizens go to the dogs

    ya Pugs originated in China! They were the emperor's pets so hopefully Elmo won't be abducted and be eaten...

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