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Thread: The Social Justice Buzzword Bingo card!

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    Talking The Social Justice Buzzword Bingo card!

    Whenever your in a political online debate with a "Social Justice Warrior" (Urban Dictionary: social justice warrior), you'll notice their responses usually comprise of one (or more) paragraphs with certain terms to "spice" up their virtrol against you. These terms are known as "buzzwords" and are all the rage amongst SJWs (usually users who attended their first sociology class in college and now think they're "oppressed and marginalized" by society) for calling out (ie: being verbally abusive and making assumptions) their opponent in said debate.

    On certain websites (like tumblr or livejournal), the debate between two people (one being the SJW) is joined in by other SJWs putting in their own two cents (ie: dogpiling). Using said buzzwords gives the impression that said user is "winning" the original debate and in turn, showcasing their intellect (it takes a lot brain power to remember fancy words or how to post a macro as a legitimate response) and passive-aggressiveness without doing too much to get banned from said forum.

    Usually when someone gets a BINGO!, they receive a prize. However in this instance, there are no prizes to be given. The reason being; whether you win or lose, you still haven't solved the world's problems by sitting on your ass at the computer and calling people names on the internet. But at least you have some fancy words for your next debate about [insert societal ill here]!

    Anyone have any stories on obnoxious online political debates that went to hell in a handbasket?

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    Nothing much, other than a guy I went to high school with insists on posting (nearly weekly) that Obama was born in Kenya. It's getting old; I just ignore it now. Love this bingo card; we had a version of this when I was at Ford. Go to a meeting, listen for all the latest company buzzwords, get a bingo.
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