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Thread: A wee bit of Scottish humour

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    Default A wee bit of Scottish humour

    Now me late sainted mum, Grandma Pippin, hailed from Dundee in Scotland. Grandad Pippin was from Poland. Now you can understand a wee bit why Pip is the way she is.

    I saw this cartoon in our local paper a few days ago and for some reason I couldn't stop laughing at it. I'm going to email this cartoon to my female cousins who live in the London area, and I'm going to email it to me late sainted mum's brother, me Uncle Normal. (Norman).

    Bonus Scottish Jokes

    Q: How can you tell which clan a Scotsman is from?
    A: Lift up his kilt, and if it's a quarter pounder, he's a MacDonald.

    Q: Did you hear about the Scotsman who left change on the counter?
    A: You never will!

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    LOL! Scotty Cash!

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    Very cute,Pippin. Since I am married to a Scotsman (ancestry,at least) I really liked the lift-the-kilt one!
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    Racism is not ok!
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