(does look pretty cool though)

Girl Tattoos 152 Facebook Friends On Her Arm! | Smosh

A woman in the Netherlands has decided to tattoo the profile pictures of her Facebook friends on her arm. Well, not ALL of her Facebook friends...

It could just be some kind of stunt. I'm guessing that tattoo artist is going to get a lot of business after this. The media is having a field day making jokes about how they do not "like" this tattoo, or about how hard it's going to be to "defriend" her.

She isn't the first person to get a Facebook tattoo. We all remember when rapper TPain got this Facebook "like" tattoo on his arm.

Nobody knows who the Facebook tattoo chick is. She's kept her name and identity a secret so far. I want to be supportive of people doing what they want in life. That's what freedom and expression are about, but this tattoo goes against one of the biggest rules of getting a tattoo.

That rule is NEVER GET A TATTOO RELATING TO A CURENT OR PAST RELATIONSHIP. This includes friends. Boyfriend/girlfriend tattoos, friendship tattoos, co-worker tattoos... all a BAD idea. Relationships are temporary, unlike ink... and no relationship is more fragile and temporary than the social network relationship.

The Facebook tattoo lady says that it's not about fame... "My tattoo is not about up-to-date profile pics or fame (as you can see I want to stay anonymous). These are the people closest to me (not all my facebook friends). I understand if you wouldn't do this, I respect that. But to me it does have a lot of meaning."