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    Default Magic Beer

    A woman walks into a bar and sees a really good-looking guy sitting at the bar by himself. She goes over and asks him what he is drinking. "Magic Beer," he says.

    She thinks he's a little crazy, so she walks around the bar, but after realizing that there is no one else worth talking to, goes back to the man sitting at the bar and says, "That isn't really Magic Beer, is it?"

    "Yes, I'll show you." He takes a drink of the beer, jumps out the window, flies around the building three times and comes back in the window. She can't believe it: "I bet you can't do that again."

    He takes another drink of beer, jumps out the window, flies around the building three times, and comes back in the window.

    She is amazed and insists on having a Magic Beer, So the guy says to the bartender, "Give her one of what I'm having."

    Rolling his eyes, the bartender pours her drink. She takes one gulp of the beer, jumps out the window and plummets 30 stories to her death.

    The bartender looks up at the guy and says, "You know, Superman, you're a real asshole when you're drinking". What I feel like doing at work every day.

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    Default Re: Magic Beer

    haha naughty naughty!

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