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Thread: Maria Jose Cristerna - worse than Joyce Wildenstein

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    Default Maria Jose Cristerna - worse than Joyce Wildenstein

    I saw a story about this woman on Huffington Post. I honestly can't figure out who is more traumatizing to look at - Cristerna or Wildenstein:

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    Doesn't bug me. It isn't botched surgery. She wants to look like that, she's happy with it and it isn't hurting anyone. Wildenstein on the other hand is disgusting.
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    I saw Maria Jose Cristerna online the other day as well.

    I personally think that both the Wildenbeast and Cristerna are hard for me to look at, but then again Kat Von D, the scummy boyfriend she's got, Mike Tyson and a host of others I don't like, even the scrubbed-clean appearing Duggars are difficult for me to look at. They nauseate me just as much, if not more so, than any tattooed entity, including the Lizard Man and The Cat!

    I once googled "extreme body modification" and looked at pics that I wish that I hadn't, including one of a guy who was suspended in the air via wires that were attached to hooks that were imbedded in his back. Thank God it was the weekend, that's all I can say. *Blech*

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