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Thread: If the Archie comics were made into a modern teen drama

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    Default If the Archie comics were made into a modern teen drama

    Won't let me embed.

    YouTube - Riverdale: Archie Movie Trailer

    Produced by Point Blank Creative, written by Cross Eyed Bear Comedy and directed by Andrew de Villiers.

    Point Blank Creative - HD Film Production, Direction, and Creative Services Company located in Vancouver

    MORE INFORMATION AT: Fan Film Blog - A Blog About Fan Films

    Riverdale is a fan-trailer responding to the common trend of 'gritty' remakes of popular franchises. An article about the production of Riverdale will be available on shortly. If there are still any doubts as to the legitimacy of this trailer, be assured that this is a not-for-profit project produced purely for fun.

    Riverdale was produced with the help of almost 100 Craigslist volunteers from the Vancouver film industry. We produced this and the 10 other comedic videos on a budget of $3, 500 over a weekend. The Craigslist and random nature of this production brought the director and his girlfriend together. It also united the executive producer's wife with her long lost friend/boyfriend when she recognized him playing the character of Moose.

    Riverdale Cast:

    Achie Andrews: Anthony Konechny
    Jughead: Kurtis Maguire
    Dilton Doiley: Andrew Lefevre
    Coach: Bill Marles
    Betty Cooper: Courtney Hojenski
    Mr. Lodge: Denton Winn
    Reginal Mantle III (Reggie): Derek Bedry
    Cheryl Blossom: Emily Rowed
    Nancy Woods: Ferrone Gavriel
    Mr. Weatherbee: Jason Logan
    Marmaduke "Moose" Mason: Kelly Fennig
    Charles Clayton (Chuck): Kwaku Adu-Poku
    "Big" Ethel Muggs: Laryssa Troniak
    Veronica Lodge: Morgan Davies
    Midge Klump: Stephanie Dyck

    Director/Producer: Andrew de Villiers

    Producer: Jorah Fraser
    Co-Producer: Nathan Lusigan

    Writer/Co-Producer: Michael Cope
    Writer/Co-Producer: Rhys Finnick
    I always suspected Jughead was gay.

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    Here's the trailer and I must say I'd actually watch it

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    @Sexy_Seth_1982 awe sexy! You're just too cute to be true- I can't take my eyes off of you-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth82 View Post
    Here's the trailer and I must say I'd actually watch it
    Thanks. I think 3.0 still has some glitches.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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