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Thread: Clock .......quite amazing!!

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    Default Clock .......quite amazing!!

    Nudemen Clock - Francis Lam

    Hi everyone,

    This is such fun, I have to share it with you!

    Click on the link below and you will be amazed at this clock!!
    (Why the men have to be nude.... I don't know ..... maybe someone with more computer technology knowledge can explain that to me.)
    There is just so much going on on this clock, it is incredible, quite brilliant actually! Every time I click onto the clock I notice something else: -
    Notice what's going on while the hands move
    Notice what happens when the seconds hand gets to number 12 and the big hand makes one move.
    Notice what the big hand is doing while waiting to make its move
    Notice what happens on each number as the seconds hand gets to it
    When you have seen enough of that, click anywhere on the clock and you will see the time in digital form .... and now take a look at what is going on there!!! Amazing!
    Click on the screen again and you will get back to the clock. You will notice that the men on the numbers are standing up once again

    A good or bad thing about this click is that it gives you the exact time too, which also means you can see exactly how much time you have wasted....... but it is fun! Enjoy and have a wonderful week!

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    LMAO!!! Brilliant!

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    Very cute!!

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    Whoa! That is wild! It's so hard to pay attention to al of the different things going on at one time.
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    Too cute. Couldn't help it, I just bought the ipad app.
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    That is fun!
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