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Thread: Funny site: Hello Kitty Hell

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    Talking Funny site: Hello Kitty Hell

    Ok, I admit I have a Hello Kitty toaster.

    The hubby won't let me use it. He states he can not stomach the thought of waking up to toast with Hello Kitty imprinted in the bread.

    I think its funny. It was a gift from a sibling. It sits lonely in my office staring at me. Someday the current toaster is going to fry and I will have to pull it out.

    The website below is pretty funny. The comments are a riot.


    Hello Kitty Hell

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    That is a really funny site you linked to.

    Cheap giggles to be had for sure.

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    That is a cute site. Lol at the hello kitty cocaine straw.
    See, Whores, we are good for something. Love, Florida

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