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Thread: Solve the U.S.'s deficit problems!

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    Default Solve the U.S.'s deficit problems!

    This was really fun You see, if everyone agreed with ME everything would be fine

    Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget - Interactive Feature -
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    Damn I just solved the deficit in 10 minutes without cutting medicare or raising the retirement age. I iz genius.

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    The country's already effed. Full recovery seems plausible beyond Obama's term, looking into 2018 and 2019. Of course, if the GOP win the presidency in 2012, this country and the global economy, will crash and burn.

    Seems like everything revolves around the United States now.

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    lol... I solve the deficit problem of the U.S with just one hand.
    With all the benefits still intact.

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    Wow. I did it too. So why can't they?

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    "They" don't want to. "they" are the rich. They want the benefits to be there for them. So, they have no option but to fuck us, see?
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