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Thread: Funny Halloween mugshots/arrests

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    Default Funny Halloween mugshots/arrests

    Halloween Reveler Dressed As Breathalyzer Busted For Drunk Driving

    In the most amusing meta moment from the Halloween police blotter, a Nebraska man dressed as a portable Breathalyzer machine was arrested for drunk driving.

    Matthew Nieveen, 19, was busted early Monday for DUI and being a minor in possession of alcohol. Nieveen, pictured in the police photo (click to enlarge) at right, was collared after a Lincoln cop pulled over his Ford F-150 after the teenager was spotted driving erratically. Though cops identified Nieveen, they decided to black out his face in a photo snapped post-arrest.

    Nieveenís blood alcohol level was more than twice the stateís .08 limit (though he wasnít supposed to be drinking in the first place). A search of his truck turned up a bottle of vodka and beer.

    Last Halloween, an Ohio college student wearing a similar Breathalyzer costume was busted for drunk driving and underage drinking.

    Halloween Reveler Dressed As Breathalyzer Busted For Drunk Driving | The Smoking Gun

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    The best part of Halloween falling on a weekend is that significantly more costumed revelers go out, get drunk, brawl in the street, and end up in handcuffs.

    Hereís a mug shot sampling of some partiers who were collared while wearing vestiges of the makeup component of their outfits--blood, blackened eyes, wounds, scars, etc.

    The suspects were nabbed for all sorts of alleged criminality, including public intoxication, drunk driving, battery, fighting, and even vehicular homicide.

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    Awesome! All kinds of win.
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    Aw - I'd have let the breat-test guy off with a caution LOL
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    Strange that news of Rachel McAdams' drunken bar brawl didn't make the gossip rounds.

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    Is that a nicotine patch?
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